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Thank you for looking at my home page. Lansdowne.se is a multifunctional website combining three companies in one.

Firstly, my promotion company Lansdowne i Kalmar AB sells both clothing and gift items with your company logos incorporated.

Secondly, a newly embarked project in lecturing on the importance of setting targets both in one`s working and everyday life. I use my own experiences as a reference to how one should and should not proceed in reaching one`s goals.

Lastly, the latest addition in the Lansdowne ”Group” is translation from Swedish to English. I have had around 10-15 translation enquiries a year for the last 10 years – without advertising my services – so it would appear there is a market in this area. My knowledge of Swedish after 35 years is at a very high standard and I have maintained a good flow in English to ensure those reading the translations will benefit.

I also have my blog: “Sweden as i see it”.

Latest blog post

59 and counting!

I had a good´n this saturday when the “usual suspects” made an appearance at the Lansdowne residence to celebrate my 59th birthday. Many topics of conversation from drinking habits to musical tastes, touching on sporting favorites, future plans and on to the nowadays frequently occuring subject, retirement.

I don´t feel like a 59 year old but i guess my passport doesn´t lie. I have no plans to retire in the near future and am looking forward to working as long as i can.

I have never really understood people who start counting down to retirement as soon as they reach 50.
But i guess we are all different and i have been lucky enough to “nearly” always enjoy my work which is of course an important factor.

Anyway, lots going on at the moment. Just starting my keynote speaker career which i´m looking forward to. Talking about how i reached my goals and hopefully motivating people at the same time!

One year away from the big 60. Hopefully a great blog year ahead.

Glenn and a 59 year old.


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