Welcome to Lansdowne.se

Thank you for looking at my home page. Lansdowne.se is a multifunctional website combining three companies in one.

Firstly, my promotion company Lansdowne i Kalmar AB sells both clothing and gift items with your company logos incorporated.

Secondly, a newly embarked project in lecturing on the importance of setting targets both in one`s working and everyday life. I use my own experiences as a reference to how one should and should not proceed in reaching one`s goals.

Lastly, the latest addition in the Lansdowne ”Group” is translation from Swedish to English. I have had around 10-15 translation enquiries a year for the last 10 years – without advertising my services – so it would appear there is a market in this area. My knowledge of Swedish after 35 years is at a very high standard and I have maintained a good flow in English to ensure those reading the translations will benefit.

I also have my blog: “Sweden as i see it”.

FLT – Fredags Lunch Tips

For the last 18 months a Group of Kalmars finest have been meeting for lunch every friday and putting together a system (based on 13 football matches) that we had hoped would secure our futures! As yet our futures are still insecure. (In some cases)!

Silver and myself sit on the board of directors. The board is made up of two in total. I am the chairman, Silver is financial controller. No problems there. The regulars are Uffe N, Thommie, Biggy, Flobbers, Åke U, Colorama Chrille, Fikaproffs Glenn, Martin (X in game 13) H and the aforementioned directors.
Billy Jr, PK, Uffe B and Hakan all have full time employment and turn up occasionally.

Hotell Brofästet has been our base since day one but as of late, thanks to Kalmarsunds Restauranger AB´s acquisition of Onside (GFA) we now have an alternative venue.

The Group has a good balance of footballing knowledge, common sense, comedic relief and gambling know-how but despite this we are having a dry patch. A very dry patch.

Our biggest problem being that certain teams are not delivering when needed. e.g. Ipswich (pronounced Iswish by a few FLTers) win when they shouldn´t, loose when least expected and draw far to often!

This weekend we are putting our faith in Liverpool, Crystal Palace, Middlesbrough and Häcken. Fingers crossed. Who knows this might just be the weekend futures are secured.

See you next friday.


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