is back in business!

I have received loads of e-mails from my followers pleading with me to start blogging again and after a lot of hard thought I have now decided its time. I would like to thank you both for your support.

Seven years is a long time between blogs but as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In the olden days was the brain child of the classic “King of the Castle” a daily betting competition that was apparently way ahead of its time. I know times have changed since my last blog with the introduction of podcasts and vlogs both of which I gave some thought before deciding to get back bloging.

In my blog I will be following a few different characters, interviewing local celebrities and finding out what makes companies tick! I guess even a few football blogs can be expected. is now however more than just a blog. I am now a Keynote speaker on the subject of Goals. Based on my own experiences I give you an insight into how I both set my goals and then went about achieving them.

The second new project I have embarked on is translations. Translating from Swedish to English after 35 years has become a natural ability and one I hope can even be of benefit to you.

More information on all of these subjects can of course be found here on

Have a good´n!

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