I know what you’re thinking. What was he doing at a vernissage? It’s like Erik Niva going to a fashion show! It makes no sense. Well the truth is that a friend of mine is one of Kalmars most well known artists in more ways than one. Known as Kalmars Picasso, Jens Konradsson this week showed off his latest collection of modern art at Söderport overlooking the castle in Kalmars hipster quarter.

The sun was out the grill was on and an interesting mix of art lovers were in place. Jens had booked a table for his motley crew of which i was one and the mingling and pimpling began.

I personally am a fan of Jens work and i am sure the evening went well sales wise.

Two of the paintings in question.

Congratulations to Kalmar by the sea. Voted Swedens nr 1 summer town for the 4th year in a row.

Hats off to Kalmar FF. 17 Points before the World Cup break.

Last but not least. Sweden has just had its hotest May temperatures on record.

Have a good´n!