Is it time for England?

It’s getting closer by the minute. Just seven days to kick-off and the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Not the most glamarous of matches but who cares it’s the start of a month of footballing magic!

We will get acquainted with the stars of the future. We will cheer the underdogs. Be disappointed by some of the favourites for not delivering, keep our fingers crossed for Jannes Boys and in my case become frustrated once again that England don’t live up to thier potential.

Now lets have a closer look at todays England and assess their chances.

They will have a goalkeeper (whoever gets the no 1 spot) that has no experience whatsoever at this level. That’s never a good situation.

It looks like Gareth Southgate has decided to play three at the back. Most of the defenders in the squad are used to that system nowadays and look comfortable on the ball. My biggest worry is that they aren’t that good at defending! The wing backs Trippier and Young. Trippier is a good PL player not of international stature and the left wing back Ashley Young is right footed?

The midfield looks solid but lacks a playmaker. Dier and Hendersson are the defensive midfielders. Delph and Loftus-Cheek won’t get many minutes. Lingard is a runner and Dele Alli is a floater. I am not sure if Sterling is a midfielder or a forward but regardless he’s not a playmaker.

Up front we’ve got Harry Kane. I would love to see Rashford play along side him but that won’t happen until we have just one point from two games and must win the third. Vardy could do some damage when called upon. Welbeck not so much.

My top two. Rashford & Kane.

Group H is made up of England, Belgium, Panama and Tunisia. I have Belgium as group winners based on the fact that they have a quality keeper and De Bruyne. England second and Tunisia third.

I hope i am wrong of course and that we go all the way or at least until we meet Germany and lose on penalties.