Kosta Lodge with Sagaform.

Just 75km from Kalmar and i knew nothing about it. I don’t know if that is because of bad marketing by Kosta Lodge or my ignorance of the surrounding forrest region!

I big thanks to Sagaform (Peter, Mikael and Sofie) for the invitation to spend a day in Kosta and for opening my eyes as to what both Kosta and Sagaform have in the pipeline.

Sagaform have a new strategy that i am sure will be an advantage to us in the world of promotion. An interesting new collection both design and presentation wise.

Kosta Lodge was my cup of tea. I have stayed at quite a few similar lodges during my years with TV laget but this lodge was a step beyond. The living quarters were exceptional the outdoor relax area with two pools and a jacuzzi hit the spot. Throw in good quality food and Krusovice on tap and Billy is a happy chappy.

I also got to see the nearby Kosta Safaripark. Bison, fallow deer, mouflon, red deer and wild boar are the animals to be found in this newly opened park. I saw most of these dwellers but was not sure which was which. Didn’t see many of these growing up in London.

Mouflon i think.

The World Cup gets underway tomorrow. My money is on France.

Have a good’n!