Diamond wedding!

Congratulations mum & dad. Married 60 years. Respect!

A few facts and figures.

Four children, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

At 59 i am the oldest of the four children and as things stand at present I probably won’t get close to 60 years of marriage! My brother Michael and even my sister Deb could both reach the magic 60 though my youngest brother Greg due to a late start will struggle for 60 but 50 would be a great knock!

Of the nine grandchildren i am represented by Billy Jr and even in that category i am trailing the others but have no plans to climb that table.

However I am dominating the great-grandchildren category. Thanks Leonie and Noelle. I guess Billy Jr & Matilda deserve some credit here.

Not only have they been married for 60 years, they have lived in the same house nearly as long. Just a quick excursion (3 years) to Eastbourne on Englands south coast being the exception.

Though both are in there eighties now, they are very much still in the game. Mum still has her mates living close by and her new found passion with FB and WhatsApp messaging that never ceaces to amaze me! Dad has his garden and football on TV and seeing as it’s the World cup at the moment I am sure he is in his favourite chair, close to the box, even as i write.

That I am and always will be eternally greatful for their love and understanding is something that has unfortunately taken me far too many years to appreciate.

Love to you both!