Sweden the best team remaining!

In my opinion Sweden are the best team left in the World Cup. I know this view will probably surprise a few of you but it is based on my 35 years in Swedish football. Let me explain.

A team is a group of individuals working together to achieve a goal. (Googles definition of the word team).

The greatest asset that Swedish football has is it’s ability to work as a team. There have been many successful Swedish teams that have proved this to be true, both at club and international level.

Todays squad are the perfect example. A group of players that play for clubs at varying levels throughout the world some of who aren’t even playing regularly. There are no stars, no prima donnas just a group of players that do as they are asked for the teams best. As individuals very few would have even made any other countries 23 man squad.

The man in charge (Janne A) naturally play’s a big part in the building of this team. Picking the right players giving them the right tactical instructions and making them realise that anything is possible when you work as a team.

Defensively they are all well educated. Berg and Toivonen Swedens two forwards have probably more knowledge of defending than most sides defenders have. The four midfielders are all very hard workers that will get up and down the pitch for 90 mins. No place for playmakers that have a rest after an attack. The defenders are defenders. Their only job is to stop the oppositions forwards from scoring. If they can pass the ball effectively it’s a bonus not a necessity. The keepers job needs no explanation. Keep a clean sheet!

Offensively they rely mainly on set pieces and their opponents mistakes. It’s working well.

I love the Swedish mentality. Teamwork. All for one. One for all and they don’t just say it they all mean it.

I know what you are thinking! Isn’t that the case with all the teams in the World Cup?

If it was then Sweden wouldn’t even be in Russia.

Let’s hope that Switzerland have a couple of lazy stars that have an off day and a defender that thinks he is better than he is.

See you in the quarterfinal.