Bad Ass – Henrik Rydström

It came out of the blue. Nanne Bergstrand has temporarily stepped down as KFF’s trainer due to personal reasons and Henke Rydström together with Jensa Nilsson are now in charge. As usual when Henke is involved people have a vociferous opinion. When the annoucement made the news about the appointment of Henke and Jens it was never going to be a neutral “could be a good decision”. It was either “a great decision” or “what idiot made that decision.”

Henke has not always been a free speaking opinionated person. I have known him a long time. Back in the days when he could “nearly” have be classed as shy. He started his playing days with old scholl FF legends such as PK, Ken Burvall, Martin Holmberg (amongst others) and there he learnt his trade.

He grew as a player and person under the guidance of Nanne and as we all know was the clubs captain and ambassador for many years in the 00’s! He “often” represented the club in the media appearing on TV and radio on many (some say every possible) occasions. The fact that in some of these interviews his opinion was of a critical nature towards KFF and this resulted in many a Kalmar supporter changing their opinion of him.

Unfortunately due to these incidents many seem to have forgotten that he more than any other Kalmar FF player is the reason that KFF are where they are today.

I hear people saying he was only an average player. He couldn’t pass he couldn’t shoot he was to slow and not a good header of the ball. His shorts were to small his shirt was to tight and he was always arguing with the opposition.

I say forget all that. Lets look at what he was/is good at. He is the best team captain KFF have ever had. He was the engine of the side a leader both on and off the pitch. Both hated and respected by the opposition and their fans. He kept the dressing room in shape and had/has a winning mentality that can only help KFF in the near future.

He has been loyal to Kalmar FF throughout his career in a time when others moved abroad for a few extra Euros. He is Mr KFF!!

I am sure he has the respect of all the players in todays squad and together with Jens will move things in the right direction.

It wasn’t that long ago that he admitted he was a bad assistant. It’s now time for him to show he is a top quality boss.

Once a leader always a leader.