Biathlon without a shot!

Friday, late afternoon and i am watching the Biathlon World Championships live from Östersund in the comfort of my livingroom. Östersund as you probably remember were the team that beat Arsenal 2-1 at the Emirates a year ago. The last time the Biathlon World Championships were in Östersund was in 2008. I travelled up to Östersund by train from Stockholm and arrived in the evening of day 1. Checked in to the hotel had a few drinks called it a day early doors looking forward to the following days events. Up bright and early, a quick breakfast and i was on my way! I made it as far as reception and was told that it was so windy and cold that todays competitions had been postponed. The day went slowly! A few pints and a sightseeing tour of central Östersund was followed by a few more pints and an Östersund by night sightseeing. Day 2 (for me) up early, breakfast and ready for action. Groundhog day! Delayed start. Estimated start time 14:00. The only problem was that my train to Stockholm left Östersund 14:15! 2 Days at the Biathlon World Championships without seeing a shot! I prefer watching from my sofa.