Walking Football – Right up my street!

I was fortunate enough to be able to play football at a competitive level up to the age of 57 and i was happy with that. I’d heard about Walking Football for a few years without really paying that much attention, i guess i felt it wasn’t for me, until now. A life time of football and then all of a sudden it’s over. The camaraderie that team sports produces. The banter in the dressing room and on the pitch and even down the pub after a session for me is irreplaceable. Could walking football fill that void? Why not give it a try! Said and done!

I should have a natural aptitude for walking football as finding space and time at my own pace was one of my strenghts as a “proper” footballer. What was my weakness? The simple answer being running! I was not quick or explosive i was a plodder. So a game that contains a pitch full of plodders sounds good to me. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous career in walking football. Walk don’t run is like music to my ears!