Välkommen till Lansdowne.se

Thanks for having both the time and interest to have a look at my home page. Lansdowne.se is a multifunctional website combining 3 companies in one.

Firstly my promotion company Lansdowne i Kalmar AB that sells both clothing and gift articles with your company logos incorporated.

Secondly a newly started project where i lecture on the importance of setting targets both in your working and even everyday lives. I use my own experiences as a reference as to how you should and shouldn´t proceed in reaching your goals.

Lastly the latest addition in the Lansdowne ”Group”. Translation from Swedish to English. I have had somewhere around 10-15 translation enquiries a year for the last 10 years so it would appear there is a market for my services in this area. My knowledge of Swedish is after 35 years at a very high standard and i still have a good flow in English that i am sure the ”everyday people” reading the translations will appreciate.



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