Keynote speaker


Goals have in one way or another played a big part in my life. Whether they have been on the fooball pitch, in my working or even everyday life.

Setting a goal and then reaching it is a source of great satisfaction. Usually there are no secrets as to how you achieve your goals. There are no short cuts and even if you receive help along the way it is your dedication and aptitude that get you there!

I use my own experiences as a reference as to how you should and should not proceed in reaching your goals. Starting in the mid 60´s in London through to the modern day in Småland, i recount 50 years of ups and downs that have got me to where i am today!

What kind of person are you?

If i told you that you will never make that deadline what would your first reaction be?  A: You´re probably right!. B: Of course i will!

Answer A – There is work to be done.

Answer B – Got a lot going for you.

If you want to find out how i planned, put into action and reached (most, but not all, of ) my goals then you are welcome to drop me a line on

If you were in category A: Book me for 2 hours. If you were in category B: Then an hour will be enough.