Translating for everyday people.

Born in Essex England in 1959. Moved to Sweden 1983. 35 years in Sweden has given me a sound understanding of the Swedish language and in tandem with my mother tongue has made translating from Swedish to English a natural ability.

When receiving a text our first thoughts are not a straight word for word, sentance for sentance translation. The most important and relevant issue is what you are trying to communicate to the reader. We conduct a quick analysis of you proposed target group enableling us to make a more correct adaptation of your document.

It is important that their is a flow in the translation and that the use of unnecessary over ambitious synonyms is avoided as the reader may not neccessarily have English as their first language.

We translate entire web pages and blogs, full document formats such as Word, PDF and text.

Translations that convey your message

Selling arguments that hit home
Most of our customers are marketing departments, advertising agencies and web agencies that appreciate the direct cooperation with experienced copywriters and content writers that can translate text to meet their goals. We help them fine tune the message to find the right selling arguments for their clients.